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Toshiba TEC

Datapath and driver solutions for CF1 / CF1L / CF1XL and the new CF3 printhead

The first Meteor-branded driver was for the TTEC CA3 printhead in 2005.  Since then Meteor has been used to drive many types of TTEC heads. With its 600 dpi resolution and ink recirculating structure, the new CF3 printhead is ideally suited to a wide range of applications including packaging, commercial graphics and labels.

The Meteor architecture for TTEC printheads contains two layers of hardware: a Meteor Head Driver Card (HDC) mounted near the printhead and a Meteor Print Controller Card (PCC) typically controlling 8 HDCs. This architecture enables Meteor to be used with any layout of printheads in an array. By linking with a high-resolution synchronization cable, multiple PCCs can be racked to control massive arrays of TTEC printheads, all triggered from a single encoder and a single document-start sensor. The Meteor datapath provides the most flexible image manipulation and storage options, enabling our customers to do more with their TTEC-based printers than their competitors can.