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SII Printek

Datapath and driver solutions for 1024GS, RC1536, 508GS and more

Meteor provides a solution for SII Printek printheads that is expandable to any size of array. We have been a SII Printek partner since 2010 and aim to be able to deliver a head driver for each new SII Printek head, always using the same Meteor interface to enable ease of transition and support for printer families that use multiple SII Printek head types. Our customers use SII printheads in a variety of graphics applications.

Meteor can be used to support any layout of printheads in an array. By linking with a high-resolution synchronization cable, multiple Meteor boards can control arrays of SII printheads, all triggered from a single encoder and a single document-start sensor. Our Meteor datapath provides flexible image manipulation and storage options, enabling our customers to configure the datapath to do exactly what they want.  Meteor and SII provide a high quality and cost-effective offering for many applications.