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New! Ricoh GH2220 printheads and Meteor driver
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Support for Ricoh printheads including GH2220, MH5220, MH5420, MH5440, MH2420 & MH2620

For the Ricoh GH2220 printhead, Meteor Print Driver Cards offer an easy to integrate, cost-sensitive solution.  A standard or industrial PC running Meteor’s print system software can drive up to 512GH2220 printheads using Print Driver Cards (PDCs) connected via high-speed USB 2.0.

Meteor provides a solution for Ricoh Gen4 printheads (including MH2420 & MH2620) and Gen5 printheads (including MH5220, MH5420 & MH5440). In applications such as packaging and commercial printing, Meteor easily handles very high data rates and is expandable to any size of array.

The Meteor datapath architecture for Ricoh Gen4 and Gen5 printheads contains two layers of hardware: a Meteor Head Driver Card (HDC) mounted near the head, connecting to the Ricoh printhead’s flexicable, and a Meteor Print Controller Card (PCC) controlling up to 8 HDCs. Multiple PCCs can be racked to control massive arrays of Ricoh printheads, all triggered from a single encoder and a single document-start sensor. The Meteor datapath provides flexible image manipulation and storage options, enabling customers to configure the datapath to do exactly what they want.