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Datapath and driver solutions for KJ4A Series and KJ4B Series

Meteor provides a solution for Kyocera printheads that is expandable to any size of array. Kyocera printheads are some of the fastest and largest industrial inkjet heads and Meteor makes driving them easy through our universal interface.

The Meteor datapath architecture for Kyocera KJ4 contains only one layer of hardware: a Meteor Printhead Driver Card (PDC) mounted near the printhead and providing all the interconnections required. This architecture enables Meteor to be used in any layout of printheads in an array. By linking with a high-resolution synchronization cable, multiple PDCs can be racked to control massive arrays of KJ4 printheads, all triggered from a single encoder and a single document-start sensor. The Meteor datapath provides flexible image manipulation and storage options, enabling our customers to configure the datapath to do exactly what they want. Please contact us to discuss the exact KJ4 printhead type that you wish to use as there are many variants with similar names.