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New! Meteor driver for Samba printheads
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Samba, Starfire, Polaris, Emerald, Sapphire, S-class, Galaxy & Nova

Meteor solutions for Dimatix are reliable and cost-effective. We have supported Dimatix since 2000 (then Spectra Inc.) and we launched our first Dimatix Meteor-branded Head Driver Card in 2006. Now, Meteor is used to drive Dimatix-based printers and print systems in a wide variety of applications including variable data, labelling, product decoration, textile decoration, ceramic tile decoration and numerous non-graphical inkjet applications.

The Meteor datapath architecture for Dimatix contains two layers of hardware: a Meteor Head Driver Card (HDC) mounted near the head and connecting via flexicable to the Dimatix head (no HIB required) and a Meteor Print Controller Card (PCC) typically controlling 8 HDCs. This architecture enables Meteor to be used in any layout of printheads in an array. By linking with a high-resolution synchronization cable, multiple PCCs can be racked to control massive arrays of Dimatix printheads, all triggered from a single encoder and a single document-start sensor. Our Meteor datapath provides flexible image manipulation and storage options, enabling our customers to configure the datapath to do exactly what they want. Waveforms are created digitally and are adjustable by the user, including grayscale, jet straightening pulse (JSP) and VersaDrop waveforms.

Samba, Spectra, VersaDrop, Starfire, Polaris, Emerald, Sapphire, S-class, Galaxy and Nova are all trademarks of FUJIFILM Dimatix Inc.