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Elegant, production-optimized design. High speed print controller cards from Meteor.

Meteor print controller cards (PCC) contain the high speed data path electronics that buffer, store, manipulate and route data to the printhead array. Designed as modules, these may be rack mounted and used synchronously to drive massive arrays of printheads.  Some of our customers use tens or more than a hundred print controller cards in large printers.

Fully-variable datapaths from PCs and servers are possible using standard PC communication networks. However, many customers use inkjet for short runs and product decoration with pseudo-random image selection and these can also be configured using Meteor PCCs. Hundreds of MBytes of on-board memory per PCC can be used for re-print images and tens of GBytes expandable memory per PCC can be used for extremely large images and to store libraries of images. Documents can be printed seamlessly or as demanded by a document start sensor input – even if this means a printhead is printing two different documents simultaneously. Flexibility is key to success in meeting the needs of each application and this is what you get with a Meteor Print Controller Card.

Rack of Controller Cards