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Meteor’s large memory and label-detect storage system allow our customers to build high throughput monochrome or colour label presses using any combination of repeating or variable data.

Meteor is used in printers producing narrow labels. Full-colour or monochrome systems can be supported. The key advantages of using Meteor include:
  • High memory capacity to store many label backgrounds.
  • High data rate to send variable data to be superimposed at any X,Y coordinate on each label
  • Easily expandable to 6, 12, 18, 24, 48 or more printheads
  • Meteor never limits the performance (e.g. speed) of the printheads
  • Meteor can measure head temperature, switch UV lamps on/off and provide many other control functions direct to/from a PC
  • Meteor user-configurable I/O can be used to select which pre-stored image is to be printed
  • Print is triggered by a label detect signal and controlled by a user-scalable encoder signal
  • Up to 64 different labels can be under the printhead array simultaneously as Meteor stores each label detect position using it to synchronize the image on each label
  • Meteor interfaces seamlessly with IxPressia label printer management software
  • Meteor components for most head types are available ex-stock and the software API is easy to connect to, helping you get to market faster.