Printhead Waveforms: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

The need for application-specific inkjet printhead waveforms.


Anyone who has ever visited a tailor to purchase a bespoke suit knows that there is nothing quite like it. Styles and fabrics can be chosen to suit the occasion but it’s the custom fit, shaped by a master craftsman, that makes all the difference. In close analogy, while an off-the-rack electrical waveform can be used to drive an inkjet printhead, bespoke waveforms offer so much more.

From the exceptional print quality requirements of commercial labels to the noncontact robustness needed for ceramic tile decoration, to the precision deposition capability demanded by printed electronics, tuning a waveform for specific combinations of printhead, fluid and substrate is the key to success for material developers, ink vendors and print system OEMs. Ink ejection as controlled by the printhead driving the waveform contributes just as much to image quality, print system productivity and jetting reliability as software interventions such as image profiling.

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Tracey Brown
Vice President of Marketing

Matthew Pullen
Product Manager