Full Speed Ahead

Recent advances in printhead drive electronics and software can dramatically improve print quality in high-speed, single-pass inkjet.


From the exceptional print quality requirements of commercial labels to the non-contact robustness needed for ceramic tile decoration, to the precision deposition capability demanded by printed electronics, adoption of inkjet technology in industrial environments continues to expand and amaze. Years of focussed development have yielded highly reliable printheads which work with an unending stream of fluids but jetting, by its nature, will always present some level of challenge. To date, most industrial inkjet printers are scanning systems where multiple passes of the printhead mask common jetting issues, usually at the expense of throughput. Recent advances in electronics and software are fuelling growth in single-pass systems, paving the way for speeds and print quality which rival the best analog print technologies.

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Tracey Brown
Vice President of Marketing

David Heath
Technical Sales and Marketing Manager