Hangzhou Eastcom – Textiles

With the help of Meteor Inkjet, Hangzhou Eastcom was able to quickly bring to market a new digital inkjet solution that can be used for different applications without the need for redesign and development.

Key Facts

  • Hangzhou Eastcom specialises in the research & development, manufacture and sales of offset CTP, digital flexo CTP, and digital presses for book and textile printing.
  • Eastcom’s Kylin digital series textile printer prints cotton, linen, silk, polyester and other fabrics.

When leading Chinese printer manufacturer Hangzhou Eastcom saw the potential growth in the industrial inkjet market, it chose Meteor Inkjet as its partner to expand its portfolio and develop a digital press for textiles.

Mr Shen, general manager of research and development at Hangzhou Eastcom explains: “In recent years we’ve seen a real growth in the industrial inkjet market, with many applications now being printed digitally, including textiles. Digital inkjet is also more environmentally friendly; it meets the national guidance requirements for energy saving and emission reduction, as well as less waste, compared with traditional printing methods.”

The Challenge

Initial research
The company began by carrying out some product research, comparing the electronics boards from six manufacturers both in China and abroad. They also undertook some user experience research and finally chose Meteor Inkjet as its supplier.
“Reliability played a key role in our choice of supplier,” continues Mr Shen. “Our digital presses need to work for several hours at a time, sometimes for 24 hours, seven days a week. Our customers can’t afford to lose money with an unreliable solution, or turn down jobs because they don’t believe their press is powerful enough.”

As well as quality and reliability, compatibility across applications was a key factor in choosing Meteor Inkjet. “Compatibility is a great advantage,” continues Mr Shen. “Meteor Inkjet’s electronics solutions have a wide range of application scenarios compatible with all types of printheads. The software is also compatible and consistent across applications, so we can use different printheads on the same product without the need for redesign and development work. This compatibility is a great benefit and allows Eastcom to focus on the printhead, ink and the product itself.”

The Solution

After discussing Eastcom’s application requirements and various use scenarios, Meteor was able to determine the appropriate printboard and provide the supporting software for Eastcom’s new Kylin A180 series scanning textile printer. The printer uses a Meteor Inkjet PCCE and HDC-R5 for its Ricoh Gen5/Gen6 printhead and an HDC-SF printboard for its FujiFilm SG1024 printhead. For the software solution, Meteor implemented MetScan, a digital front end for scanning applications.

The Result

Hangzhou Eastcom has expanded its portfolio and quickly brought to market a digital inkjet printer specially designed for textile printing. “Most importantly for us, we have stability; our solutions are reliable and trusted, thanks to Meteor Inkjet,” said Mr Shen.

Excellent support
Mr Shen adds: “Meteor’s team, both in China and the UK, offered excellent support. They were able to answer all our queries, and we in turn, have been able to improve our professional ability accordingly.”

About Hangzhou Eastcom

Hangzhou Eastcom Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Potevio Eastcom Communications Group Co., Ltd., which is part of the China Potevio Group, a state-owned enterprise. Eastcom is a leading high-tech company supplying prepress and digital printing equipment and services in China. The company specialises in R&D, manufacture and sales of offset CTP, digital flexo CTP, digital book printing, digital textile printing, high-end PCB photoplotters, laser imagesetters and other professional equipment. Its prepress business started in the 1970s, and it is one of the key companies involved in the national “748” project, where it jointly developed and produced China’s first laser imagesetter with the Founder Group.

For more information visit: www.eastlaser.com