Developed and tested by an experienced team of software, electronics and systems engineers, Meteor’s extensive suite of software provides a complete toolset for building printers from the ground up while reducing development time and risk.


  • Ready-to-use Digital Front Ends for single-pass and scanning systems
  • Software Development Kits to facilitate bespoke solutions
  • Image screening powered by ScreenPro
  • Integrated Harlequin® RIP
  • Automation of PrintFlat
  • NozzleFix and NozzleMask technologies
  • Complete Industrial Inkjet RIP solution: eLab Pro


  • Solutions for all major industrial inkjet printheads
  • Ground-breaking print calibration and nozzle-out compensation
  • Fastest RIP on the market
  • Optimised print quality through advanced image screening techniques
  • World-wide sales and technical support from concept to production

Extensive suite of software with many functions

MetPrint Digital Front End for single pass printers with application-specific features for ceramic tile, product decoration, labelling, packaging and textile printers
MetScan Digital Front End for scanning applications with support for 3D printers 
RIP Integration of Harlequin, the world’s fastest RIP for printing a wide variety of native file types including PDF 
eLab Pro Complete, scalable, customisable RIP solution for Industrial Inkjet applications
Screening An embedded implementation of ScreenPro, a multi-level screening engine that corrects inkjet print imperfections such as streaking or mottling at ultra-high speed

Wizard-driven software that runs Meteor’s exclusive nozzle-out compensation technologies, NozzleFix and NozzleMask; and automates the use of PrintFlat.

  • NozzleFix for single-pass or scanning systems eliminates single pixel steaks from clogged or failed nozzles by using good nozzles to counteract poorly performing adjacent nozzles.
  • NozzleMask significantly improves scanning system throughput by concealing undesirable effects of missing nozzles, thus requiring fewer passes to achieve high print quality.
  • PrintFlat is a powerful tool which creates a unique calibration screen for each individual printer and works together with ScreenPro to remove repeatable artefacts due to variations in performance within a printhead, in the stitch area between printheads, or from wear on the printheads.
Utilities and Tools

SimPrint:  image data format verification
Monitor:  intuitive PrintEngine GUI
Config:  text files for system configuration including printhead layout
MetWave:  printhead waveform editor


* Harlequin, PrintFlat and ScreenPro are trademarks of Global Graphics Software Ltd and may be registered in certain jurisdictions.