Meteor's software options allow development of a bespoke industrial digital front end (DFE) using a Meteor Software Development Kit (SDK) or licensing an application-tuned Meteor DFE.


SDKs for scanning or single pass printers enable systems to be built from the ground up and allow developers to easily run associated printhead drive electronics. DFEs offer an easy-to-use interface and enable features specific to industrial applications including ceramic, textile and 3D printing.

Developed by an experienced team of software, system and electronics engineers, Meteor's software options help to reduce printer development time and risk.


  • develop printhead waveforms
  • with MetScan, design swath interlace patterns
  • with MetPrint, use any external RIP or the built-in Global Graphics Harlequin RIP
  • with Met3D, easily print a sequence of Z-plane TIFF files
  • with MetTextile, track print area and seamlessly repeat
  • with MetCeramic, randomly or sequentially select tiles and insert “priority” samples in a running job queue


  • Complete toolset for building printers from the ground up 
  • Ready-to-use application software
  • Compatible with all major industrial inkjet printheads
  • Reduces development time and minimises risk
  • Ideal for printhead testing or fluid evaluation

Summary of software options

  Scanning printers Single pass printers Laboratory
Meteor Digital Front End
  • MetScan
  • Met3D
  • MetPrint
  • MetCeramic
  • MetTextile
Software Development Kit Scan-Engine SDK Print-Engine SDK  

* The Motor and Pump Controller (MPC) provides control of 4 motors, 12 ink pumps, 3 valves, and meniscus pressure sensing.

** Using the Meteor Motion Integration framework (MMI), C# or C++ plugins can be written to connect MetScan to any 3rd party motion system.