Customers can license an application-tuned Meteor Digital Front End or develop bespoke software using a Meteor Software Development Kit. Optional integrated RIP and inkjet screens are also available.

SDKs for scanning or single pass printers enable systems to be built from the ground up and allow developers to easily run associated printhead drive electronics. DFEs offer an easy-to-use interface and enable features specific to industrial applications including ceramic, textile and 3D printing.

Meteor solutions are compatible with any RIP. Alternatively, customers can opt for a fully-functional, integrated Harlequin Host Renderer™. Meteor also offers the ultra-high-speed screening capability of ScreenPro™. Harlequin Host Renderer and ScreenPro have been designed by Global Graphics Software, a leading developer of platforms for digital printing.


  • Ready-to-use application software
  • Printhead waveform development and optimisation
  • Sequential or random tile selection and the ability to insert priority samples into a running job queue for ceramic tiles
  • Seamless repeats and tracking of printed area for textiles
  • Easily created swath interlace patterns for scanning systems
  • Print a sequence of Z-plane TIFF™ files for 3D printers
  • Integrated optional RIP to interpret a wide variety of native file types


  • Complete toolset for building printers from the ground up
  • Compatible with all major industrial inkjet printheads
  • Optimised print quality through advanced image screening techniques
  • Reduced time-to-market and minimised product development risk
  • Created by a world-class team of software engineers

Summary of software options

  Scanning printers Single pass printers Laboratory
Meteor Digital Front End
  • MetScan
  • MetPrint
Software Development Kit Scan-Engine SDK Print-Engine SDK  

* The Motor and Pump Controller (MPC) provides control of 4 motors, 12 ink pumps, 3 valves, and meniscus pressure sensing.

** Using the Meteor Motion Integration framework (MMI), C# or C++ plugins can be written to connect MetScan to any 3rd party motion system.