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    Turnkey tools for evaluating and optimising printhead and ink combinations

Easy to use

The ability to annotate drops in flight with associated setup parameters

Real-Time Analysis

Live editing of waveform shape, voltage and grey level

Cost Effective

Interchangeable printhead mounts and drive electronics

Meteor DropWatchers evaluate and optimise printhead and ink combinations using production-ready electronics that can be transferred straight to manufacturing.

Allowing visualisation and characterisation of drops in flight while adjusting waveform parameters using live feedback, Meteor DropWatching Systems are:

  • from the leading supplier of industrial inkjet printhead driving solutions
  • essential tools for waveform characterisation and development
  • available for all major industrial inkjet printheads, including Dimatix, Epson, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Ricoh, SII, Toshiba and Xaar

Printhead Evaluation Kit contains*:

  • 2064 x 1544 GigE camera, 3-axes mount, optics and high power LED strobe
  • Live waveform editing and drop visualisation software
  • DropWatcher Control Unit (DCU)
  • DropWatcher Interface Unit (DIU)
  • Printhead-specific Head Driver Unit (HDU)
  • Printhead-specific head mount
  • Detachable waste fluid reservoir
  • Power supplies and cables

Optional extras:

  • Drive electronics and mounts for additional printheads
  • Ink supplies (from simple syringe to sophisticated recirculating)

* Printheads available directly from printhead manufacturers. Contact Meteor for referral. Excludes Windows 10 PC, ink, printhead and vacuum extraction.

General Specifications

DropWatcher Control Unit (DCU)
DropWatcher Interface Unit (DIU)
Footprint (WxD)  675 x 281mm 370 x 320mm 250 x 250mm
Height (excluding accessories) 575mm – 730mm 145mm 55mm
Weight (excluding accessories) 15.00kg 6.00kg 2.30kg
Printheads supported*
Dimatix Open waveform model
Epson Open waveform model
Konica Minolta Open waveform model
Kyocera Closed waveform model**
Ricoh Open waveform model
Seiko Instruments Open waveform model
Toshiba Closed waveform model**
Xaar Closed waveform model**

* Ideally, due to subtle differences in waveforms produced by different vendors of printhead drive electronics, waveforms should be evaluated and optimised with the same brand of electronics used in the printer. In cases where this is not feasible, the highly accurate waveforms generated by Meteor drive electronics are the most reliable substitute and formatted for use in all datapaths. 
** Closed waveforms from the printhead manufacturer can be used for real time performance evaluation but cannot be edited.

Power supply
Supply voltage 95 – 264V 95 – 264V
Power consumption 210 – 360W printhead dependent 26 – 180W dependent on ink supply load
Frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Ink and mist catcher
Included as standard (local extraction source needed)
PC Windows 7/10 (64bit OS) Camera Meteor datapath (DCU)
  Gigabit Ethernet (cat5 shielded) Gigabit Ethernet (cat5 shielded)
Ink supply system support
Power 24V 2.5A power supply inside DIU

Communications RS422 to USB inside DIU
Integration Mounting plates for Megnajet or other ink delivery systems can be supplied to fit Meteor DropWatcher gantry