Print Test Solutions

Established network of key technology suppliers.

Meteor has developed strong relationships with third-party print test solution suppliers.  These companies can be contacted directly or Meteor can make an introduction.


Inkatronic – Ink Test Station

Inkatronic’s Ink Test Station is a compact lab system which includes a print test table and a low volume ink delivery system with automated fill and flush routines for ink changes and printhead maintenance.  Options include a heated platen and curing systems.  The Inkatronic Ink Test Station pairs perfectly with Meteor’s DropWatcher.


Integrity Integration DB400

With a precise, variable speed, roll-driven conveyor, Integrity’s DB400 inkjet development platform is ideal for multi-fluid process and advanced application development.  The DB400 pairs perfectly with Meteor’s DropWatcher.



K-Solution Y-Jet Printing Evaluation Kit

K-Solution’s Y-Jet Printing Evaluation Kit is a tabletop solution that supports early inkjet system development with a complete set of components including XY table, ink supply, software, printhead drive electronics and optional UV lamp.  The Y-Jet pairs perfectly with Meteor’s DropWatcher.



Personas y Tecnologia InkTester™ V3

With support for pre/post print processes and the ability to run multiple print test stations, Personas y Technologia’s InkTester V3 Digital is a multi-purpose solution for printhead and ink testing.  The InkTester V3 Digital pairs perfectly with Meteor’s DropWatcher.