By Global Graphics Software, a Hybrid Software Group company


Optimise print quality with the world’s fastest screening engine

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A key part of the software used in some digital printers is the halftone screening engine.  ScreenPro converts contone image data from the RIP into ready-to-print drop levels required by the printer.  This complex conversion is done at the ultra-high speeds supported by Meteor’s printhead datapath with no compromise on quality.  With PrintFlat™ technology, ScreenPro takes print quality and speed to new levels.

Features & Benefits

  • Offers blisteringly fast throughput for real-time printing with a dedicated ultra-high-speed tile-based screening core
  • Is designed for use with state-of-the-art multi-core processors and massive parallel processing
  • Includes Advanced Inkjet Screens™, a range of screens developed specifically for inkjet
  • Incorporates PrintFlat quality optimisation technology to remove repeatable artefacts due to printhead variation, stitching or wear by creating a unique calibration for each printer
  • Works seamlessly with Meteor’s exclusive NozzleFix™ nozzle-out compensation technology to eliminate streaks from clogged, deviated or failed nozzles