Fully configurable Digital Front End


For Meteor-based scanning systems

MetScan2 is a ready-to-use Digital Front End for scanning applications.  Seamlessly integrated with Meteor electronics, MetScan2 is suitable for both prototype and production environments.  With a simple yet comprehensive graphical user interface, MetScan2 provides the ability to run print jobs, conduct maintenance and manage access to detailed printer configuration settings.

MetScan2 Features & Benefits

  • Removes the complexity of developing a Digital Front End from the ground up
  • Includes a user interface specifically designed for scanning applications with comprehensive management of printer configuration and control
  • Allows the storage and management of physical printer parameters in a configuration file
  • Connects to devices such as sensors, cameras and UV lamps with Meteor Motion Interface (MMI)
  • Provides integrated access to MetCal and ScreenPro™, powerful image quality tools
  • Handles jobs consisting of pre-processed files in tif, prt and bmp formats using a hot folder, visual previews and queues
  • When used with eLab Pro, enables the RIPping and printing of PDFs
  • Monitors and controls critical parameters such as printhead temperature and voltage
  • Offers maintenance functions including purge, spit, clean and cap
  • Includes access control, allowing separate configurations for operators and administrators