Software for Meteor-based systems


Unparalleled image quality and ease of calibration

MetCal simplifies and automates printer calibration and nozzle-out compensation resulting in improved print quality for high-speed, single pass systems and increased efficiency for scanning systems.  MetCal includes Meteor’s exclusive nozzle-out compensation technologies, NozzleFix™ and NozzleMask™; and implements ScreenPro™ for unsurpassed print quality.

MetCal Features & Benefits

  • Elimination of single pixel streaks from clogged or failed nozzles using NozzleFix™ which compensates for missing nozzles with adjacent nozzles across the same colour plane or over multiple colour planes
  • Increased scanning printer efficiency using NozzleMask™ which conceals undesirable effects of missing nozzles, requiring fewer passes to achieve high print quality
  • Automation of PrintFlat™ calibration, mitigating undesirable print artefacts caused by variation within a printhead or between printheads
  • Reduction in streaking and mottling through the advanced image screening techniques of ScreenPro
  • Seamless integration with MetPrint and MetScan2