Software for 3D printing and additive manufacturing


Convert 3D model files to Meteor-compatible slices


To harness the full power of inkjet, a print-prepared 3D model or batch should be optimised specifically for inkjet. Met3D™ with ShellPro™ patented technology utilises high-performance, proprietary processing to transform slices from existing commercial build preparation tools to compatible files for printing in high resolution, at variable density and with multiple materials on 3D printers incorporating the Meteor datapath. In addition, Met3D can quickly shell, infill and slice STL files, a capability which is helpful for development work.

Met3D facilitates the development of inkjet 3D and additive manufacturing applications.  When used in conjunction with Meteor’s eLab Pro software and a Digital Front End such as MetPrint or MetScan2, Met3D offers the ability to print 3D CAD files without requiring complex and expensive 3D build tools for processing and slicing.

Met3D Benefits

  • Integrates inkjet 3D printer systems into an industry standard workflow
  • Provides high definition reproduction of an original CAD model on Meteor-based printers
  • Variable density infill minimises waste and drying time in binder jetting, particularly for sand casting
  • STL slicing offers a quick start when developing a Meteor-based 3D printer