Software for 3D printing and additive manufacturing


Convert 3D model files to Meteor-compatible slices


Met3D facilitates the development of inkjet 3D and additive manufacturing applications.  When used in conjunction with Meteor’s eLab Pro software and a Digital Front End such as MetPrint or MetScan2, Met3D offers the ability to print 3D CAD files without requiring complex and expensive 3D build tools for processing and slicing.

Met3D Features & Benefits

  • Convert STL and OBJ 3D CAD files to Meteor-compatible TIFF slices
  • Manage print parameters such as slice thickness, build box dimensions and resolution
  • Take advantage of the intuitive GUI with 3D image preview capability
  • Perform slicing, shelling and greyscale input processing at speed
  • Turn dimensionless mesh model files into printable structures with thickness and infill