eLab Pro

Scalable, customisable industrial inkjet RIP


Complete RIP solution for Meteor-based systems

Meteor takes the digital printing to a new level with eLab Pro, a scalable industrial inkjet RIP solution in a complete, plug and play package.  Implementing Harlequin®, the world’s fastest RIP by Global Graphics Software, eLab Pro works seamlessly with Meteor’s printhead drive electronics offering an intuitive, customisable graphical user interface with the ability to command the RIP directly from the print controller or printer Digital Front End.  Specifically designed for industrial inkjet, eLab Pro is suitable for development or production environments.

eLab Pro Features & Benefits

  • Take advantage of the ready-to-use interface or create an interface tailored to specific requirements
  • Run the world’s fastest RIP to convert PDF files to a format understood by the inkjet datapath
  • Operate on the same PC as any DFE running Meteor’s PrintEngine
  • Access a comprehensive set of ready-made RIP configurations or create bespoke configurations
  • Use built-in colour management tools or work with ICC profiles generated by powerful colour management software such as ColorLogic’s ColorAnt
  • Incorporate variable data at high speed
  • Automatically generate and position barcodes​
  • Run multiple RIPs in parallel for the most demanding applications