Meteor’s market-ready products enhance Xaar Nitrox printhead integration

9 Jul 2021

The recent launch of the Xaar Nitrox printhead has been further underlined by the immediate availability of comprehensive software and electronics support, designed to minimise the time required for its integration by OEMs.

Market leading suppliers Meteor Inkjet and Global Inkjet Systems (GIS) have announced their support for the Xaar Nitrox with a selection of driver electronics, software and tools to ensure that OEMs and integrators can maximise the impact of the printhead and minimise their time to market when launching new printers.

With firing frequencies of up to 48kHz, and print speeds exceeding 100 metres per minute, the Xaar Nitrox is designed to deliver for an ever-widening range of uses and Xaar has worked closely with its partners to make sure that ‘plug in and print’ support is available for OEMs.

General Manager of Xaar’s printhead business unit, Graham Tweedale said; “The support and collaboration of key software suppliers such as GIS and Meteor, has ensured that OEMs from almost any sector will immediately be able to explore and reap the rewards from Nitrox’s enhanced performance and productivity.”

The Xaar Nitrox supports the widest range of applications and handles the broadest range of fluids. High Laydown Technology delivers very high volumes of ink in a single pass and combined with Xaar’s TF Technology allows fluids with higher particle loading and sizes, even those with viscosities of up to 100 centipoise, to be used. This enables the Xaar Nitrox to print an increased colour gamut and special effects for applications in the ceramic, glass, and packaging sectors as well as jetting higher molecular weight materials for Advanced Manufacturing and 3D printing.

With the Xaar Nitrox offering an array of enhanced capabilities and market applications, both Meteor and GIS have ensured their solutions fully underpin these.

Clive Ayling, Meteor’s Managing Director said, “Since 2008, Meteor has worked with Xaar to offer customers scalable and reliable printhead driving solutions.  Supporting all versions of the Nitrox printhead, our powerful, production-ready electronics and comprehensive suite of software ensures OEMs can be up-and-running quickly, while taking full advantage of the Nitrox high-laydown, high-speed technology in a wide variety of applications.”

Long-term partner of Xaar, Global Inkjet Systems, has also confirmed their readiness to support the Xaar Nitrox printhead. “Our latest driver electronics will fully enable the cutting-edge capabilities of this new printhead, and this, alongside the ability of our ink supply system to support the potential high flow rates, will enable OEMs to gain maximum productivity”, said Nick Geddes, Managing Director at GIS.

The Xaar Nitrox is available in three variants – Core, Pro and Elite – providing customer choice and flexibility for a range of print needs.

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