Meteor continues to deliver during the COVID-19 crisis

18 Mar 2020

At this challenging time, Meteor continues to accept and fulfil orders and to provide responsive customer support.

Never before has the industry been confronted with a crisis that emerged and escalated as quickly as the COVID‐19 pandemic.  In response, Meteor’s action plan has multiple objectives:

  • To protect the health and safety of our customers, partners and employees
  • To act responsibly and in compliance with all applicable governmental guidelines
  • To ensure business continuity for our customers and partners by providing uninterrupted support and assistance
  • To continue the development of innovative hardware and software solutions without delay

While many Meteor employees will work from home in the coming weeks, the company’s infrastructure has been designed to support a distributed global workforce and there should be no difference in the great service customers and partners have come to expect.  During this time, Meteor can continue to be contacted in all the usual ways.