Functional & 3D

The growing demand for non-contact, additive, manufacturing processes for devices such as sensors, displays and batteries, as well as intense interest in rapid prototyping and cutting-edge healthcare applications is driving growth in the area of functional and 3D inkjet printing.  These systems generally require the ultra-precise deposition of unique fluids, often with challenging chemistries.

Meteor is a leading independent supplier of printhead driving solutions for technically complex functional and 3D print systems.  Providing products with a host of features backed by responsive, world-wide support, Meteor is the first choice for ease of integration and unsurpassed system performance.

Why Meteor?

  • Reliable, robust products to drive industrial inkjet printheads
  • Comprehensive software options
  • Lowest risk path to speedy print system launch
  • Scalable, customisable solutions for systems of any size or complexity
  • World-wide support from development to mass production
  • Unrivalled industrial inkjet experience and expertise

Benefits for Functional & 3D Printers

  • The ability to deposit precise quantities of materials to micron accuracy has wide-ranging implications for the future of manufacturing, allowing digitally-defined deposition of materials on the production line.
  • Meteor drive electronics and software are capable of producing complex, multi-pulse waveforms to control printhead drop ejection volume, velocity and timing allowing print system builders to optimise ink/printhead combinations and to get the best from their chosen printhead.
  • For functional material deposition and 3D printing, recirculating printheads and ink systems are often required to prevent the sedimentation and nozzle blocking to which some unusual fluids are prone. Meteor products fully implement the control functions required of such systems.
  • Meteor offers a range of development tools to facilitate waveform development and fluid optimisation.

Software Options

Meteor has software solutions ranging from Software Development Kits for scanning and single-pass implementations enabling design of bespoke systems from the ground up to ready-to-use Digital Front Ends such as Met3D, developed specifically for 3D printing with an easy-to-use interface allowing objects to be built up, slice by slice.  

Supported Printheads

Meteor offers products to drive all leading industrial inkjet printheads used for functional and 3D printing including FUJIFILM Dimatix S-Class, Epson S3200, Kyocera KJ4B-1200, Seiko Instruments 508GS, Toshiba TEC CF3, Ricoh MH2820, Konica Minolta 1024i, Xaar 1003AMp and more.