Commercial Print

Commercial print includes the production of documents, invoices, stationery, leaflets and flyers. While dominated by conventional offset printing, the growth in digital commercial print is significant and inkjet is increasingly providing competition to toner-based systems.

Meteor is a leading independent supplier of printhead driving solutions to developers of commercial print systems. Providing products with a host of features backed by responsive, world-wide technical support, Meteor is the first choice for ease of integration and unsurpassed system performance.

Why Meteor?

  • Reliable, robust products to drive industrial inkjet printheads
  • Comprehensive software options
  • Lowest risk path to speedy print system launch
  • Scalable, customisable solutions for systems of any size or complexity
  • World-wide support from development to mass production
  • Unrivalled industrial inkjet experience and expertise

Benefits for Inkjet Presses

  • Industrial inkjet presses offer supply chain advantages over conventional printing including dramatically reduced set-up leading to cost-effective shorter production runs, faster order turnaround, ease of colour matching on repeat orders, lower stock of finished products and reduction of obsolete inventory due to the ability to print on demand.
  • Meteor’s ability to support printhead arrays of any size, ultra-high data rates, large image buffers and long cable lengths means that high speed single-pass systems as well as scanning machines with massive carriages can be deployed with no limitation on throughput.
  • Inkjet technology offers attractive design benefits in Commercial Print applications including the ability to print on a wide variety of substrates such as vinyl, paper and polyester. Documents can be printed immediately after creation and inkjet’s ability to integrate variable data with static elements at high speed can greatly simplify the production process.
  • Meteor drive electronics and software are capable of producing complex, multi-pulse waveforms to control printhead drop ejection volume, velocity and timing allowing print system builders to optimise ink/printhead combinations and to get the best from their chosen printhead.
  • High throughput industrial inkjet presses often require UV lamps, elaborate ink systems and precise motion control. Meteor products fully implement the functions required of such systems.

Software Options

Meteor offers MetPrint front end software developed specifically for high-speed, single-pass printers with an easy-to-use interface for maximum productivity.  Alternatively, a bespoke front end can be designed using Meteor’s Print Engine Software Development Kit.

Supported Printheads

Meteor offers products to drive all leading industrial inkjet printheads used in large commercial printers including FUJIFILM Dimatix Samba, Epson S3200, Kyocera KJ4B-1200, Seiko Instruments RC1536, Toshiba TEC CF3, Ricoh MH5220, Konica Minolta M600SH-2C Xaar 1201 and more.