Discover the advantages of industrial inkjet

Demand for short production runs and variable data is driving the uptake of digitally printed labels. From stand-alone, high-speed, narrow-web inkjet presses to hybrid systems with inkjet modules mounted to existing flexo lines for variable data imprinting, industrial inkjet offers the quality, durability and throughput required for any label printing implementation.

Meteor is a leading independent supplier of electronics, software, tools and services to label press builders. Providing products with a host of features backed by responsive, world-wide technical support, Meteor is the first choice for ease of integration and unsurpassed system performance.

Benefits for Label Presses

  • Digital label printers enjoy supply chain advantages over conventional printers including reduced setup time, cost-effective short production runs, fast order turnaround, ease of colour matching and lower stockholding of finished goods.
  • Inkjet technology accommodates a wide variety of substrates including vinyl, paper and polyester.  UV-cured inkjet labels are extremely robust and conventional varnishing processes can often be eliminated.
  • Variable data can be integrated with static image elements at high-speed, facilitating mass customisation.
  • Meteor offers a comprehensive suite of software including turnkey, configurable digital front ends; software development kits to build printers from the ground-up; complete workflow solutions integrating Harlequin®, the world’s fastest RIP; and advanced screening, print quality, printer calibration and colour management tools.
  • Meteor’s ability to support printhead arrays of any size, ultra-high data rates, large image buffers and long cable lengths means that high speed single-pass systems can be deployed with no limitation on throughput.
  • High speed label printers often require UV lamps, elaborate ink systems and precision encoders.  Meteor solutions fully support the functions required of such systems.