Functional, Security & Electronics


Discover the advantages of industrial inkjet

Demand for non-contact, additive processes to fabricate devices such as sensors, displays and batteries; as well as intense interest in rapid prototyping and cutting-edge biotechnologies; is driving growth in functional materials deposition. These applications generally require ultra-precise delivery in both placement and volume of unique fluids, often with challenging chemistries.  Fluids include organic and inorganic semiconductors; metallic conductors; nanoparticles; nanotubes and biomaterials.

Benefits for Functional, Security & Electronics Printers

  • Compared to traditional analog deposition technologies such as vacuum evaporation, inkjet is a digital, maskless process offering efficient, low-waste material utilisation.  This can be particularly important for precious, expensive functional fluids.
  • Meteor drive electronics and software can produce complex, multi-pulse waveforms to accurately control printhead drop ejection volume, velocity and timing resulting in ultra-precise and reliable deposition of fluids to micron accuracy.
  • Traditional analog deposition technologies used in lab environments often present barriers to the high-throughput or large substrate requirements of commercial manufacturing.  Meteor delivers production-ready, scalable industrial inkjet solutions for systems of any size or complexity.
  • Meteor offers a range of development tools and services to facilitate suitable printhead selection; waveform and fluid optimisation; and print process development.