Discover the advantages of industrial inkjet

Inkjet has long been the chosen technology for décor printing using wide format printers running UV curable, solvent-based or aqueous inks. Applications such as wall coverings and furniture laminates increasingly demand wide, fast single-pass systems.

Meteor is a leading independent supplier of printhead driving solutions for both wide format scanning and high-speed, single-pass systems. Providing products with a host of features backed by responsive, world-wide technical support, Meteor is the first choice for ease of integration and unsurpassed system performance.

Benefits for Décor Printers

  • With inkjet, short production runs become economically feasible due to lower set-up requirements than conventional printing techniques.
  • Print-on-demand capability facilitates reduced stock of finished goods and local, rather than centralised production.  For décor printers, the ability to maintain a large portfolio of designs without having to hold physical stock of screens or rollers is an additional advantage.
  • Meteor’s ability to support large numbers of printheads, ultra-high data rates, large image buffers and long cable lengths means that high speed single-pass systems as well as scanning machines with exceptionally large carriages can be deployed with no limitation on throughput.
  • Wide format printers often require UV lamps, elaborate ink systems and precise motion control. Meteor products fully implement the functions required of such systems.
  • Meteor drive electronics and software can produce complex, multi-pulse waveforms to control printhead drop ejection volume, velocity and timing allowing print system builders to optimise ink/printhead combinations and to get the best from their chosen printhead.