Ceramic Tiles


Discover the advantages of industrial inkjet

Digital printing has revolutionised the decoration of ceramic tiles. Replacing traditional screen printers, industrial inkjet systems are now the worldwide industry standard.

Meteor is the leading independent supplier of printhead driving solutions to the ceramic tile decoration industry. Providing products with a host of features backed by responsive, world-wide technical support, Meteor is the first choice for ease of integration and unsurpassed system performance.

Benefits for Ceramic Tile Printers

  • Digital printing of ceramic tiles offers significant cost advantages over analogue. Short production runs become economically feasible due to lower set-up requirements and reduced stock of finished goods. Other manufacturing benefits include less breakage/waste due to non-contact printing and ease of colour matching for repeat orders.
  • Inkjet printed ceramic tiles offer attractive design benefits including the ability to produce realistic images of marble and other natural materials and to print without repeat patterns.
  • Ceramic tile printers require recirculating printheads and ink systems to prevent the sedimentation and nozzle blocking to which heavily-pigmented ceramic inks are prone. Meteor products fully implement the control functions required of such systems.
  • Meteor drive electronics and software can produce complex, multi-pulse waveforms to control printhead drop ejection volume, velocity and timing allowing print system builders to optimise ink/printhead combinations and to get the best from their chosen printhead.
  • Meteor’s ability to support large numbers of printheads, ultra-high data rates and large image buffers means that high speed single-pass systems can be deployed with no limitation on throughput.
  • Systems can continuously stream print data, print pre-loaded individual tiles or implement Meteor’s unique Quarry Wall feature, selecting random or sequential tiles for on demand printing in random or numbered batches.