Discover the advantages of industrial inkjet

While offset printing is used to produce most books today, publishers are increasingly turning to digital printing and some predictions indicate that digital will surpass offset by 2026.  Driven by the benefits derived from print-on-demand capability, as well as the growth in self-publishing, industrial inkjet printing offers the quality, reliability and throughput required of book printing presses.

Meteor is a leading independent supplier of electronics, software, tools and services to book printer builders. Providing products with a host of features backed by responsive, world-wide technical support, Meteor is the first choice for ease of integration and unsurpassed system performance.

Benefits for Book Printers

  • Digital book printing offers supply chain advantages over offset including reduced setup time, cost-effective short production runs, fast order turnaround and lower stockholding of finished goods.
  • Books on a publisher’s backlist which do not have enough demand to justify large print runs can be retained without significant stockholding.
  • Inkjet presents a viable option for self-publishers who typically bear the full expense of creating, manufacturing and distributing their books,
  • By manufacturing only the number of books needed, digital printing offers environmental advantages over offset by eliminating the carbon expenditure associated with overproduction.
  • Meteor offers a comprehensive suite of software including turnkey, configurable digital front ends; software development kits to build printers from the ground-up; complete workflow solutions integrating the world’s fasted Harlequin® RIP; and advanced screening, print quality, printer calibration and colour management tools.