Meteor Inkjet showcases evaluation kits for latest industrial inkjet printheads at InPrint USA

Cambridge, UK, 13 Apr 2017

Meteor Inkjet Ltd, suppliers of production-ready electronics and software to printer OEMs and print system builders worldwide, will be showcasing its new evaluation kits for the latest inkjet heads on booth 1634 at InPrint USA, April 25 – 27th 2017. The evaluation kits, comprising electronics and software, drive printheads from manufacturers such as FUJIFILM Dimatix, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Ricoh, SII, Toshiba TEC and Xaar.

Clive Ayling, managing director at Meteor Inkjet commented: “Many manufacturers have recently introduced new industrial inkjet printheads and Meteor has worked closely with them to produce the electronics and software needed to drive them. With these partnerships we hope to be a catalyst for the take up of new inkjet technologies.”

Meteor Inkjet also aims to offer industrial digital front ends that are simple to use and flexible so that the associated drive electronics can be used quickly and easily. 

The new range of evaluation kits includes:

FUJIFILM Dimatix’s MEMS-based SambaTM technology. At 1200dpi, this latest technology has opened new single pass applications, and there are scanning machines being developed using the same technology, wherever jet straightness and high resolution matter.

Ricoh’s MH5221F and MH5421MF heads, as announced at InPrint 2016 in Milan, for various applications where high nozzle reliability matters including inkjet labelling.

Xaar’s new 720dpi 2000-nozzle Xaar 2001TM print head (and 360dpi 2-colour Xaar 2001+TM) for use in large single pass machines.

Konica Minolta’s new M600SH and M600SH-2C 600dpi MEMS heads. Now selling alongside the 600dpi KM1800i and 360dpi KM1024i (both supported by Meteor) these new heads offer the higher accuracy inherent in the MEMS manufacturing technology.

SII’s new RC1536 offers a massive 4.25” print swath with recirculating ink system for reliability even with difficult inks, driven economically by Meteor for large arrays in single pass decoration and coating applications.

Kyocera, whose 600dpi and 1200dpi heads have been supported by Meteor for years, is now offering a large 360dpi head for difficult inks such as glass inks and white inks.

Toshiba TEC announced their new 600dpi CF3 head at InPrint 2016 in Milan. Suitable for both scanning and single pass machines; you can obtain your off-the-shelf evaluation kit from Toshiba TEC or Meteor.

IMI Tech Talks by Meteor Inkjet Ltd at InPrint USA

Clive Ayling, managing director at Meteor Inkjet, will be giving a talk on Printhead Selection: Waveform & Drop Optimization. Printheads are the highest cost system component, and printer performance and/or output quality are dependent on printhead characteristics and specifications. Learn the key parameters and methodology to make an informed printhead selection decision for your industrial ink jet system. Clive’s talk will take place on Tuesday, April 25th, 2017 10:50 am – 11:10 am.

Jonathan Wilson, Meteor Inkjet’s sales director, will be giving a talk centred on industrial DFEs. The industrial inkjet front end:  Where the rubber meets the road, will highlight the difficulties and skills required to build industrial digital front ends, which are not a widely understood aspect of the build process. Jonathan’s talk will take place on Wednesday, April 26th, 2017 2:00 pm – 2:30 pm.

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