Meteor Inkjet launches new 3D capability for industrial printing

Cambridge, UK, 20 Apr 2017

New capabilities for 3D printing are available from today with the launch by Meteor Inkjet of MetScan 3D, software that makes it possible for inkjet engineers to get up and running quickly with an industrial digital front end. Meteor Inkjet is a specialist in the design, manufacture and integration of printhead driver systems. Its production-ready electronics are compatible with all the major industrial inkjet printheads.

MetScan 3D is designed to cut the development time of those wanting to enter the 3D printing market by enabling quick testing of heads and jetting materials.  It’s built on Meteor’s MetScan software development kit, which is used alongside Meteor’s production ready electronics to create an industrial digital front end.   MetScan takes in image files and generates the appropriate swathes with the correct format for driving data to the heads and for the associated motion control.  

MetScan 3D comprises a full tool set for those looking to build scanning systems from the ground up.  As with all Meteor technologies, once you know how to use it, you can drive any of the supported printheads, enabling OEMs to pick and choose heads based on performance and materials compatibility without needing to relearn anything.

Meteor Inkjet (InPrint USA booth 1634) is focussed on developing applications and industrial digital front ends that are simple to use and flexible so that the associated drive electronics can be used quickly and easily. 

IMI Tech Talks by Meteor Inkjet Ltd at InPrint USA

Clive Ayling, managing director at Meteor Inkjet, will be giving a talk on Printhead Selection: Waveform & Drop Optimization. Printheads are the highest cost system component, and printer performance and/or output quality are dependent on printhead characteristics and specifications. Learn the key parameters and methodology to make an informed printhead selection decision for your industrial ink jet system. Clive’s talk will take place on Tuesday, April 25th, 2017 10:50 am – 11:10 am.

Jonathan Wilson, Meteor Inkjet’s sales director, will be giving a talk centred on industrial DFEs. The industrial inkjet front end:  Where the rubber meets the road, will highlight the difficulties and skills required to build industrial digital front ends, which are not a widely understood aspect of the build process. Jonathan’s talk will take place on Wednesday, April 26th, 2017 2:00 pm – 2:30 pm.


Tracey Brown
Director of Strategy & Marketing
Meteor Inkjet
Tel: +44 34 584 40012