Avoiding the loop of infinite adjustment: Stepping up inkjet consistency and reliability

Cambridge, UK, 29 Mar 2018

Jonathan Wilson speaks at TheIJC USA in Chicago and warns against the pitfalls of getting trapped in a ‘loop of infinite adjustment’ when each element of the system is treated in isolation.

Meteor Inkjet’s sales director Jonathan Wilson will be arguing the case for a multi-disciplinary approach to inkjet press development when he speaks at the inaugural Inkjet Conference in Chicago (12th and 13th April 2018).

In his conference session, Complex engineering for complex challenges: Stepping up inkjet consistency and reliability, he cautions against the pitfalls of getting trapped in what he calls “a loop of infinite adjustment” by treating each element of the system in isolation.

“The loop of infinite adjustment is when you adjust one aspect of your inkjet system without considering the impact of doing so on the other parts of the system,” he says. “What you need is a single point of control so that adjustments can be made through the entire system automatically and in real-time.”

The growing demand for high speed, single pass industrial inkjet systems in a myriad of applications presents ever more tricky challenges including cross web calibration, mottling and nozzle out detection/compensation. Tackling these issues requires a multi-disciplinary approach, uniting skills from hardware, software and colour management to meet reliability and print consistency requirements.

“So many different disciplines need to come together on a typical system that they have to talk to each other and that is not the case at the moment because inkjet technology is in relative infancy,” he emphasises, “but unless this happens, vendors many never be satisfied with the output quality.

“You need to consider at the outset what might happen if you change the printhead, or play with the voltages and waveform, or modify the colour management,” he adds. “Unless you do, you could be adding unnecessary cost to your project as well as causing delays to product shipment.”

Jonathan's talk will take place on 12th April 2018 at 17:00 hrs. 

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