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Meteor’s high data rate, large image buffer and long cable lengths mean that it can be deployed reliably in large scanning carriage systems without limiting throughput.

Meteor is used in wide format printers with few (4-8) or many (48+) printheads. The key advantages of Meteor include:
  • Big print carriages can be supported due to Meteor’s high data rate and large buffer for first-in-first-out data transfer to the carriage (up to 40Mbytes/second has been achieved).
  • Meteor never limits the performance (e.g. speed) of the printheads
  • Print is triggered by reaching an encoder value
  • Print can be bidirectional or unidirectional
  • Meteor user-configurable I/O is ideal for reducing the communication wires required inside the carriage cable chain
  • Meteor can measure head temperature, switch UV lamps on/off and provide many other control functions direct to/from the PC
  • The Meteor Print Controller Cards can be placed on-carriage or off-carriage due to the long length of cables that can be employed.
  • Meteor components for most head types are available ex-stock and the software API is easy to connect to, helping you get to market faster.